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Once you are granted all feasible federal or grants that are institutional scholarships

Once you are granted all feasible federal or grants that are institutional scholarships

After your admittance to WPI, any staying need you have might be filled by an amount of general public and private loans.

These loans really are a great option to create your desire university a real possibility, and also month-to-month and long-lasting repayment choices to reduce the effect of university financial obligation during college and after graduation.

Student Education Loans

Figuratively speaking are educational funding that must definitely be paid back. Many loans that are educationalexcept for private/alternative credit formulated loans) are included in the William D. Ford Direct Federal Loan system (DL).

Need-Based Loans

  • WPI pupils graduating in 2018 have federal typical student financial obligation degree of $25,862. To get more step-by-step info on educational funding data and financial obligation amounts, be sure to visit the nationwide Center for Education Statistics College Navigator
  • Massachusetts No Interest Loan. This system delivers a zero-interest, long-lasting education loan to economically needy Massachusetts residents to greatly help satisfy postsecondary academic expenses. Find out about borrowers’ responsibilities (PDF).
  • WPI provides a unique loans that are institutional undergraduate students who indicate monetary need. WPI Loans are generally granted to pupils within their junior and year that is senior. Payment of both major and interest (presently fixed at 5%) starts nine months following the recipient ceases enrollment or falls below half right time enrollment status. WPI Loans include the immediate following:
    • Oliver Brewster Institute
    • Davis Fund Institute
    • Kinnicutt Fund Institute
    • Knowles Institute
    • Koppers Institute
    • Manning Institute
    • Stewart Fund Institute
    • Ward Institute

Payment Plan

Pupils and their loved ones might want to repay over a 12-month (to May) period through Tuition Management Services june.