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Stop your sword my friend, placed on the toga. See, that’s just just what the application is good for.

Stop your sword my friend, placed on the toga. See, that’s just just what the application is good for.

Me personally, in rips, halfway through composing a 300 term essay: we can’t anymore do this

Individual on A03 writing that is who’s enjoyable:

Inconvenient Truth: they are the person that is same

Yeah, well, we can’t loosen up that writeup on sixteenth century economics by the addition of a gratuitous hand work.

If any one of y’all usage the isolation off-time to publish some quality historic fiction lmk. I’ll be over here scheduled and busy and maybe maybe maybe not into the enjoyable method.

Really nevermind. I recently remembered Black Sails exists and there’s fanfic for this.

Anonymous asked:

Complete offense but if you block every minor who likes your things, you are going to lose half your supporters

The camcrawler free adult chat online world is unsafe for the kids

If you’re 15 or under and you’re making nsfw jokes in the regular, you will need to move straight straight right back and understand that isn’t normal, that’s not a good exemplory case of productive internet use

If you’re 16 and a“kink is had by you list” there will be something incorrect with the way the internet has impacted you. Simply just simply Take a step straight right right back and evaluate yourself

The net can be unsafe for kids, but fearmongering isn’t the solution to re solve the problem.

We don’t understand if you keep in mind being a young child, but nsfw jokes … are quite typical amongst young ones, as you would expect, specially kiddies for the 10-15 variety. We show kiddies for the reason that generation and young ones are making the sex that is same they did once I ended up being what their age is.