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Well fight to the end to save monaco prince albert (10:26:30 PM) luke-jr: https://www

Well fight to the end to save monaco prince albert (10:26:30 PM) lu바카라ke-jr: https://www.reddit.com/r/kotakuinaction/comments/5b0n6v/spiceworks_pokkemon_sands_fight_to_the_end/ (10:26:46 PM) luke-jr: and fight to the end to stop us (10:28:00 PM) luke-jr: but you have to fight to get back into the throne (10:28:25 PM) luke-jr: when there’s a question of what you should do, what you should do right then (10:28:51 PM) luke-jr: so you gotta fight the good fight an바카라d be the one who gets into power, so you can win (10:29:22 PM) luke-jr: i think fighting to the end is more effective, because when it’s only about surviving (10:30:06 PM) luke-jr더킹카지노: and not a power grab (10:30:19 PM) luke-jr: what your doing is not a win, it’s not a win against me (10:30:53 PM) luke-jr: and if you’re fighting me because you have something to say (10:31:05 PM) luke-jr: i’m not going to stand here, and you’re not going to stand here (10:31:21 PM) luke-jr: and that’s not a win, that’s a win against me, that’s a win for your side (10:31:52 PM) luke-jr: and even if we can get that into our side, i know how the king is (10:31:54 PM) luke-jr: so it’s not a win (10:32:30 PM) luke-jr: i know how he is and i know how he likes me (10:33:03 PM) luke-jr: because I know how his side wants us, and i know how they don’t want us (10:33:22 PM) luke-jr: and i won’t stand there and let a single one of them lose (10:34:09 PM) luke-jr: so, if you are the one in power, you’re not fighting to fight (10:3