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Prime minister scott morrison reaffirms border ‘will continue’

Prime minister scott morrison reaffirms border ‘will continue’

THE Turnbull government’s border policy is to go ahead regardless of who wins the US election, the foreign minister has revealed.

Tony Abbott’바카라s team has been closely watching what appears to be a rising anti-Trump movement across the US, as well as Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and the wider rise of populist sentiment across Europe.

Mr Morneau has said that while he has personally seen only “a fraction” of those who voted for Mr Trump, Mr Tr바카라ump’s win raised some serious questions about what he hoped the Australian government will accomplish.

“It’s a fair point,” Mr Morneau told Fairfax Media’s online audience.

“I’m not here to advise anyone,” he said.

“But if people want to say that [the US election] has made the [US] government look bad in this country, that would be a fair point.

“I’m pretty sure it would be.”

While he has said he is working out “the details” of what his policy will be, he stressed the United States does not have a history of close government-to더킹카지노-government relations.

And while Australia has not made contact with the US on the transition to the next administration, the Australian-American relationship is being monitored closely.

“What we do know is, if there’s something we are seeing in this campaign that we need to have, that we would like to continue to facilitate or be involved in, then that is an opportunity for us to work with the US as they do,” Mr Morneau said.

He described the incoming president as “quite a nice guy” but pointed out that any “good conversation” they have will have to be “respectful and civil”.

Mr Abbott is scheduled to arrive in the US next month for his first official trip.