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Png opposition says somare re election illegal

Png opposition says somare re election illegal

“So far the authorities say the constitution was never changed,” said Biko. “That they have been making a fuss about this for 15 years. That’s a lie. The constitutional guarantee was never changed in 1999, nor did they change it again. No law was changed. Only an executive order was made to update the constitution.”

Biko also said he believed the court should have ordered the re-election of President Alassane Ouattara as president of the Republic of Mali. He noted the ruling was made as an independent body but Ouattara refused to accept its legitimacy. “What the Constitutional Court did was declare it illegal,” Biko said. “But because the court declared 강남안마it unconstitutional, it has no power to change the constitution. So the court’s actions and decisions are illegitimate.”
Biko, a former UN peacekeeper and human rights activist, said his group has called for a public inquiry into all of the killings in the country. He added that the United Nations needs to take action and help the country deal with its problems in order to avoid Mali becoming an Ebola disaster zone. “We should work as part of an international community, not just in Mali, but in every country in the world,” he said. “We are not fighting Ebola. We are fighting the war against terrorism.”

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On T제주출장샵uesday, Al Jazeera’s Paul Golding and Michael Isikoff traveled to the city of Timbuktu, which lies some 150 miles south of Bamako, to investigate reports that the UN’s African Division has been ordered to investigate the killings in the capital.

We visited Timbuktu on Tuesday and saw no sign of UN peacekeepers. The only signs of international peacekeepers had been deployed to the airport in the capital. However, we saw international monitors visiting Timbuktu’s main hospital, as well as the government office and the government prison in the city.

Al Jazeera’s Robert Ford spoke with people on the ground in Timbuktu who said that UN peacekeepers arrived at the airport late last month. The UN has since reported that two troops, which it called a “medical convoy”, had arrived.

An official at the UN mission to Mali told the AP on Tuesday that “a medical team entered the airport at 7.30 am. They were given full access to the medical facility and an ambulance and they stayed there for approximately two hours and collected data.

“The staff from the U