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Police investigate new years day assault in East Brunswick

Police investigate new years day assault in East Brun포커 의 신swick

Ricardo Martinez: “There’s a reason why they didn’t want to get on it.” Photo: Staff

Bridgewater residents are now demanding answers about the bizarre assault.

Inspector John Pugh of the Brunswick police said the attack occurred in a quiet, back alley in the area of Main and Green.

“It’s a nice small space with a group of people. They were going through this area about 5:00am on New Years morning,” he said.

“It was pretty scary actually seeing as people are going into a group of people. But there were a few people involved and one of the victims was just walking into a parking lot with a friend in the back.”

Mr Pugh said three vehicles followed the two victims into the parking lot, where a black, late night model car parked.

Another vehicle with five men sat on the back seat next to the two occupants.

“A couple of them came in and got out of the car, with their faces covered so you wouldn’t have seen it and started screaming at this little girl.

“She was walking by and had got off her car, and then she started shouting back at them, saying there was three men behind her and they were going to shoot her – and this was what they were going to do.”

Another car followed the victims into the parking lot, where a second man sitting in the rear seat had also grabbed the black car’s front license plate and held it firmly with both hands.

There were about 30-40 people in the parking lot at the time of the attack – one woman, five men and the al온카지노leged shooter.

One person inside the dark car had a glass shattered face, but Mr Pugh said they were able to recover the front license plate without the driver being injured or harmed.

“One o에비앙 카지노f the women said that the victim’s daughter was inside the car, and one of them told her that they were going to try and shoot her in the face,” he said.

“The other two men left the car and the last of them is the guy that was standing on the back. They were saying that he would try and get in the front of the car and grab the rear and shoot her and they were going to try and shoot her in the face.”

He said there was a large, heavy police presence during the incident.

Mr Pugh said the victims were able t