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Stolen gas cylinder may contain mustard gas

Stolen gas cylinder may contain mustard gas

Cylinde카지노r may have been used in the manufacture of “Gas Blaster” type weapons

Dangers from musta전주출장안마rd gas

Contravening of international laws that prohibit the production and use of chemicals including mustard gas can result in punishment as a criminal. In addition, using a chemical that can be used to cause death or injury, can result in penalties including, but not limited to, imprisonment and/or the loss of diplomatic immunity. To learn more, see Chemical Warhead.

The US Chemical Emergency Board states:

Named for World War I and its aftermath, mustard gas was the deadliest weapon of World War I and remains the deadliest weapon today. Its ability to cause death is well known. The chemical was a mixture of hydrogen cyanide and other gases. When used in dir온라인 카지노ect contact with the skin or body, the gas attacks vital systems and can cause death by severe and permanent brain damage.

Chemical weapons are weapons that have been specially designed to cause death. Their use also represents a failure of international humanitarian law: if weapons do not cause the death, there are no effective safeguards in place to ensure that other weapons don’t.

Why do I ask that you take a look at this page and find information that you feel can help you take a stand against this threat to the safety of those who protect your safety.