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Extended interview with lino saputo)

Extended interview with lino saputo)

The interview on the link was posted this year so no dates or timings are given. In my opinion, i think that it is unlikely to have been done by the band its더킹 카지노elf as they never came up with anything like that to begin with.

There is a version of this article with photos where they show what the new music was and then they give out the titles:


(This version contains some additional text from this post, but I think the image itself is a better way to see what this was about.)

I do find that if you only hear from a select couple of people then you can go back and reread previous interviews, and some of the more popular ones, but if that’s not possible then we should go back a little and try to find more interviews. This is just a small sampling of what we did look for in those interviews.

To try and understand the difference between the interviews above and the versions of this below, the band also posted up some interviews over time on their twitter account, or via twitter as they’ve become too big for just the band. They also created an official website:


And here is some of the interviews they published, or at least some of their interviews, and a link to their youtube videos. They do mention that not all of these interviews were recorded, but they give some info so that you can get a feel of what they were all about. (And if you have any other favorite interviews, please let me know in the comments!)





Some of the stuff above was published in 2008 and some of it is about the band that was released around 2007.