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Nab readies to relaunch foreign exchange arm

N강남안마ab readies to relaunch foreign exchange arm

Wednesday July 27, 2013

Greece, Switzerland, Canada are among the countries expected to sign trade agreements with Cyprus in coming weeks.

The New York-based International Monetary Fund’s International Finance Corporation (IFIC) on Tuesday announced the first five European partners for Cyprus, along with a number of partners, that it has decided not to make public.

They include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway and Spain. A list was also compiled of partners that haven’t officially been announced, but are considered to be “very high-priority”.

CITIC spokesman Peter Smith said that among the six other partners, Cyprus “will be the first to join the CITIC Global Currency Counci가평출장샵원나잇l”.

Under CITIC, the IFC, Cyprus is the world’s largest financial intermediary.

Citic, which is based in New York, has close links to the New York Fed and the US central bank which is a member of its central bank.

The IFIC has been the US government’s chief international currency broker since 1991, and the last New York Fed governor to leave, Robert Gertler. It is expected to be a significant part of the new CITIC Council, which will make up its five founding members.

Its other members include Canada, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Portugal and Switzerland.

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[1] The US Central Bank has been providing financial services to Cyprus since 2007.

[2] A total of eight international banks are listed as a signatory, the most recentl경주출장마사지y is the US-based Bank of America Corp.

[3] The IMF, however, has been criticized for not adequately protecting the interest of clients of its $2 trillion dollar bank.

[4] The US government is still trying to reach a trade agreement with China, but the two have yet to come to consensus.

[5] It is expected that the next CITIC member, Greece, will be the first one to join.

[6] On Wednesday July 27, 2013, the US-based IMF said it was ready to help “carpet-bagger” Cyprus join the Central Bank’s Central Currency Unit (C-CUU), a newly established structure created in 2007. The C-CUU has been responsible for providing credit to Cyprus since 2009. It is expected that in the wake of it