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Barnaby joyce speaks at the national press club

Barnaby joyce speaks at the national press club. PhotSM 카지노ograph: Mike Blake/AAP

Bennett says if the opposition can muster 25 per cent of the vote, Labor’s chances of winning the election fall to just 0.5 per cent.

“I think there’s been a growing sense of dissatisfaction with the Labor party that I think has gone to some extent and that’s the major reason they’ve been very open about wanting to change.”

Hanson, who is also due to campaign with Bennett next Tuesday, said Labor was going to have to “get serious” in the hope of winning on May 8.

“We’ve got the worst candidate in history in the Labor party. In th샌즈 카지노e history of politics and in the history of the nation.”

Hanson said if Bennett wants to win the election, he must make “a better argument for us”.

“If he’s going to make a good case for this election, you’d better convince the Lab강릉출장안마or party that that means putting the issues at stake.”

He said if Bennett did not win on May 8, “we might still have Labor in office”.

Hanson said he had asked the party’s national executive to consider a formal motion to have him disqualified.