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Council backs lighthouse platform efforts

Council backs lighthouse platform카지노 사이트 efforts

By Jeff Mason, News & Weather

WEST OREGON — The state’s largest city and county, Portland, will participate in a lighthouse development program for its area in a bid to reduce traffic during winter months.

“It’s not something we do just because we can, but because it makes sense. We’ve looked at it, and it does make sense,” said Mark Nye, Portland’s deputy city manager and director of public works. “It keeps the traffic moving.”

For example, Nye will be promoting a new bridge over Interstate 205 through North Portland this fall. The bridge will connect the port to the Willamette River. The city has been pursuing a long-range plan to create an industrial park on what are now vacant sites in the area near I-205 and Southeast Broadway.

Nye is part of a project called Light, Light, Save the Sea, which aims to increase public safety and public access to the river in South Portland and surrounding areas. In the summer, sev평택출장안마eral ships dock at the site along with other businesses and residents, and a lighted pier and park.

Light, Light, Save the Sea will not only help create safer traffic conditions for commuters by eliminating a few cars in the riverfront area but al에스엠 카지노so improve pedestrian and bicycle safety in South Portland by providing safe access to protected bike lanes.

Nye said he’s optimistic the project will get funding and be operational in time for the holiday weekend.