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HM: what exactly is your doll that is ultimate fantasy?

HM: what exactly is your doll that is ultimate fantasy?

IE: My doll that is ultimate fantasy become impossibly pretty. Perfect hair, perfect human body, perfect but adaptable personality, healthier life style, perfect garments, tiny face, doe-like eyes, small nose, etc.

October 2017. Image thanks to Insanity’s Equilibrium.

Finally We contacted Kiya K., also CinnaDolly, Residing Doll. “Kiya lives in Southern Ca, where CinnaDolly brings together Kiya’s fascination with Lolita tradition, human anatomy modification, lifestyle fashion, and BDSM. Kiya has embraced her passion if you are art that is living a teenager, whenever dial-up modems remained brand new and there clearly was no internet. Today, Kiya life and explores environments that are surreal self-assigned tasks to go deeper into sparkly territory. ”

Kiya K: Dollification if you ask me means the creating of someone into a doll, mainly in an visual means, but additionally there clearly was this going in to the mind-set of a doll,

Also, and also the playing away from situations through roleplaying too.