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Praise for safe house program

Praise for safe house program

The U.S. Treasury Department awarded a $100 million grant to a New York-based NGO called Migrant Justice Trust, which operates a shelter in Mexico’s Guerrero State. 슬롯 머신The trust was set up by U.S. officials in 2008 to provide safe shelter to unaccompanied minors from Central American countries fleeing violence and poverty and is the only entity that has provi강남안마ded safe shelter so far.

Migrant Justice Trust is also one of dozens of “helplines” run by the Mexican government, including the Immigration Enforcement (ICE) section of the Ministry of Public Security, which oversees immigration.

“Migrant justice has been an area of emphasis for our government because of the humanitarian value we feel it brings to this country. The message of the sanctuary is this: You cannot make a community safe by breaking it apart. It should be the other way around,” U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Senate Committee on Immigration and the American Civil Liberties Union, told a Washington news conference on Thursday.

Schumer added that the program was run by a group of New York City community members from across the city who volunteered their time and expertise.

“At its best, it does not require the government to provide criminal resources. If ICE wants to send a letter of concern to the city, the community can use their phones or social media and put the names of the people who might be in a safe environment to send the letter,” Schumer said.

“But I would never make it legal for New York to send letters to Central America. I would never give people authority to destroy a sanctuary community by taking money and resources away from a program that they have been working for 40 years and that has improved their life,” he added.

But in a news release from the Migrant Justice Trust, founder and executive director Lourdes Rueda said, “Migrant Justice Trust operates its sanctuary home in the highest legal and moral sense of the word. It accepts all individuals who would have left Mexico for the U.S., including unaccompanied children.”

Rueda added that the project is designed to “address the current crisis in Mexico, with the ultimate goal of bringing all children to safety and refuge by providing them with a safe shelter in our cities and towns” and that it would help to “protect the safety of other children who have arrived in our country through the United States and Mexico.”

“We are not here to바카라 게임 create fear. We ar

Blasts kill at least 22 in egypt

Blasts kill at least 22 in egypt

Egyptian authorities say they’ve killed at least 22 people in attacks since Friday morning.

Officials from the Antiquities Ministry say the attacks have tar카지노 사이트geted churches, markets, and police. The ministry says there are no reports of civilian casualties from the attacks, which began early Wednesday in the eastern Sinai Peninsula.

They said a military source confirmed the deaths o바카라사이트f two children, but did not give details.

On Friday, Egyptian state TV said at least six people were killed an바카라d three others hurt in bomb attacks across the peninsula.

In June, the Egyptian military said it had launched about 40 strikes in the region since June 1, targeting Al-Azhar University, where senior clerics from the West accuse the military-backed government of orchestrating the June 3 military coup and deposing Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi.

Islamist militants killed hundreds of police and soldiers during that uprising, which was largely backed by Turkey, which blames Egypt for failing to stop violence between it and the Brotherhood.

Egypt has not had a civilian president since Mubarak was ousted in 2011.

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