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Pm rudd still undecided about september 14 poll date

Pm rudd still undecided about september 14 poll date

It’s almost two weeks since former prime minister Julia Gillard quit the leadership race, and the Labor party is on course to lose the last seat on the next election.

But in the lead-up to that likely vote, the ALP has released its latest polling – with numbers going into the final quarter of 2014 that are far more favourable to the Coalition than any polling in its history, including the poll released for the 2012 election.

Here’s a look at the ALP lead on the 2014 seat-by-seat election results.


2013: 52.3 per cent Labor

2013: 50.9 per cent Coalition

2011: 50.7 per cent Labor

2012: 52.3 per cent Coalition

2011: 51.9 per cent Labor

2012: 51.8 per cent Coalition

2011: 51.6 per cent Labor

2012: 52.3 per cent Coalition

2011: 51.2 per cent Coalition

2013: 49.2 per cent Labor

2013: 48.7 per cent Coalition

2010: 5우리카지노0.9 per cent Labor

2010: 49.4 per cent Coalition

2006: 50.6 per cent Labor

2006: 49.9 per cent Labor

2006: 50.4 per cent Labor

2007: 49.3 per cent Labor

2apronx008: 49.8 per cent Labor

2008: 48.1 per cent Coalition

2007: 49.6 per cent La바카라bor

2007: 50.3 per cent Coalition

2009: 50.6 per cent Coalition

2009: 50.6 per cent Labor

2008: 49.5 per cent Labor

2008: 49.6 per cent Coalition

2010: 49.7 per cent Coalition

2010: 49.9 per cent Coalition

2014: 52.3 per cent Labor

The latest ALP poll – commissioned by the ABC – shows the Coalition has the support of two-thirds of voters aged 18-24. With this figure it follows closely behind the 2012 result of 54.2 per cent support.

However, with support now so close to the two-thirds mark, the survey also highlights the deep divisions in support between the ALP and Coalition. While the number of Coalition voters falling by 10 percentage points to 36 per cent remains stable on the poll – unchanged from 2013 – is a welcome development, one-in-five of Coalition supporters no