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Soldiers point marina plan resurrected

Soldiers point marina plan resurrected

The federal government decided to revive a plan to bring forward plans to revitalize the port’s marina in response to a massive flooding the past year. The National Weather Service put the projected costs at $5.4 million for restoring the marina to its original condition and $5 million for rebuilding it.

But before it could be implemented, the Government of Manitoba signed off on the port’s bid for a $4.2-million “motorcycle ferry” instead.

“The provincial government of Manitoba approved this project. It’s a very good outcome for the Port,” said Bruce Tompkins, director of public works.

Tompkins said the new deal with the fe바카라사이트deral government would allow the port to pursue the plans to extend its marina until 2041, including possibly reopening it, while they wait for federal approval.

“The provincial government of Manitoba is a part of Canada’s federal governm카지노 사이트ent and that will help,” Tompkins said. “That’s why we have signed a deal with the federal government … to expedite the process, get the approval for it to come into play.”

Tompkins said the decision to give the city permission to spend about $5 million for a new motorway on the bridge comes down to how much water the city can handle.

The government estimated it would take about 30,000 cubic metres of fresh water to bring the bridge to a state of readiness.

That water could flow into the harbour for about 100 hours, said Andrew Wiens, a city engineer with the port of Winnipeg.

He said he hopes to open the harbour by 2042 — that’s 40 years after the bridge would first be in use — to avoid any environmental impact issues or any delays in the delivery of the city’s downtown.

The port of Winnipeg has been planning to use the bridge for a decade. (Jai Chikwendiu/CBC) “A lot of work h더킹카지노as been done over the years with our neighbours at the coast. We still can’t use our harbour as a transit artery. We have a very, very high density of people in the city, and they still try to get around. That’s why we do some of the work to connect up with people in the downtown,” Wiens said.

Wiens said the port of Winnipeg has spent several times since it was granted a 20-year contract to rebuild a marina — the Port of Winnipeg in the years before Confederation — to prepare i