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Reserves may see closure of fishing industry, if there aren’t enough jobs and supplies

Re바카라사이트serves may see closure of fishing industry, if there aren’t enough jobs and supplies

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Canada’s largest fishing industry, fisheries, may end its operations by the end of the year if there aren’t enough jobs and supplies.

Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield issued a statement Wednesday evening, saying he has decided to suspend Canadian fishing for another six to 12 months “in order to establish an open market in a climate that will allow for a sustainable and fair return on investment for both Canada and its partners.”

Ashfield says the announcement will be announced Thursday.

According to the Environment Canada website, there are approximately 1.7 million fishing licenses.
The industry has been reeling from recent political fallout in Atlantic Canada.

The Conservative government was accused of being responsible for job cuts and economic hardships for thousands of fishing jobs, although it has yet to confirm what those cuts may entail.

Earlier Wednesday, it was announced by Canada’s Food Safety and Human Services department that there are currently 17,000 fish permits in reserve.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his government would create an “independent regulator” of Canada’s 10,000 or so “wildlife resources.”