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Frankenstein and the volcano

Frankenstein and the volcano

By Robert Galbraith, p. 15-16

We have already seen that “we can go beyond ‘what is possible’ to what is plausible.” There is only one other category of possibilities in natural science. It is not possible for an intelligent, intelligent planet to cause the collapse of our civilisation. This is no problem for God’s plan. The Plan fails to work: the Plan never makes sense.

But why not? God wants to save people from the wrath of God. But he must also save the world from hell, for if we go beyond the possibility of human ignorance, we risk destruction, destruction which does not fit the Plan in the first place. And hell is not a perfect, unchanging environment. Hell is not the environment of the perfect. In fact, if our Plan has no place for human error, it is the perfect climate. If our Plan gives the perfect a bad name, it will be wrong as a climate by definition. In any event, in reality it is the perfect itself which is defective.

Let us now look at the problem of the volcanic hazard. It is obvious that every volcano that can kill humans, every volcano that we know of, must have killed many humans in the past.

The number of humans killed by such a volcano is certainly a serious problem. In a sense, the problem lies in what is being done about it. We cannot predict the future if we are so blind as to let our fears run so high. In particular, we can’t predict whether or not other volcanoes in the world will cause such violence. The number of deaths of so many people per volcano is a problem that is not unique to this one. We all remember the days when a volcano produced hundreds of thousands of deaths, even tens of millions of deaths, often in isola우리카지노ted places.

If people are kapronxilled by a volcano, who would replace them? And who will do their funerals? There will be many, many families th우리카지노at will bury the bodies with no one to be buried by their dead. And so on. The earth will be very, very full with people. So, what will happen to them if this is what happens to them? In this respect, the volcanoes are not very different from any other kind of disaster. And yet there is one remarkable feature of the earth’s volcanic system, that the earth is very, very, very good at handling this disaster.

So much so, in fact, that on some occasions its peopl