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The ‘straight’ form of you

The ‘straight’ form of you

  • convinced that all straight girls feel at the least some attraction to females
  • convinced that your curiosity about seeing appealing women/scantily clad women/boobs is definitely a reaction that is artificial by the objectification of females in media
  • Thinking you’re simply a brilliant intense feminist for genuinely reasoning ladies are amazing and achieving a formidable choice with their company
  • Being actually into exactly just how females look “aesthetically”/“just as creative interest”/“fashion goals”
  • Thinking it is objective and uncontested that just about all women can be a lot more appealing than many guys
  • Being an extremely intense LGBT+ “ally” and getting weirdly psychological about homophobia but presuming you’re simply a truly Good Ally and v empathetic
  • Having like half your buddy team from college grow to be LGBT+
  • Getting psychological or having a powerful response you don’t comprehend to f/f love tales etc.
  • Having had individuals think you had been homosexual whenever you had no suspicion you had been homosexual

Exploring attraction to females

  • Experiencing as you could live with a female in an enchanting means, even although you can’t imagine doing any such thing intimate with a female
  • experiencing as you could enjoy intimate connection with a female, even although you can’t imagine having intimate emotions for the woman
  • Thinking you couldn’t be a lesbian because you’re perhaps not appealing enough, cool sufficient, or elsewhere in identical league because so many regarding the women you understand
  • reaching het sex/romance in news by imagining your self when you look at the man’s position or simply never/rarely imagining your self within the woman’s place
  • actually concentrating on the ladies in het porn
  • Being actually to the notion of kissing/being intimate with a lady ‘to turn guys on’
  • Being really annoyed whenever dudes do show curiosity about watching or joining in whenever you accomplish that
  • Only feeling/expressing attraction to or intimate curiosity about ladies whenever you’re inebriated or elsewhere reduced