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An insider reveals just what really continues on at at the very top sex celebration.

An insider reveals just what really continues on at at the very top sex celebration.

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Intercourse party host, escort and mature movie star Lucie Bee is just a petite redhead and Reese Witherspoon lookalike who’s got for ages been intimately available and adventurous. She foretells Mamamia about all things sex and also the nitty-gritty of exactly what life is similar to once you organise high-class orgies for an income…

“I will always be interested in intercourse and I also describe myself as pansexual because i will be drawn to a person, maybe maybe not what exactly is under their clothing.

I like having encounters that are one-on-one We additionally enjoy group sex, intercourse groups and events. My own experience certainly makes being a number easier when I understand the right components for a steamy and effective intercourse celebration.

In June We hosted my 1st Killing Kittens celebration for the ‘world’s intimate elite’ in Sydney so we had significantly more than 50 visitors book in, that was the biggest turnout yet! It had been a mix that is perfect of and party ‘pros’ whom all had lots of fun playing together and satisfying each other’s dreams.

I love having one-on-one encounters but We also enjoy group sex, intercourse clubs and events. Image via Killing Kittens.

I first decided to go to A killing that is members-only kittens once I was at my very very very early twenties. I recall walking into this stunning townhouse that is old London. There have been candles every where, low music as well as the environment really was seductive. It absolutely was a hot evening plus the experience remained beside me for a very long time.